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If life were
always merry, Our souls would seek relief, And rest from weary laughter In the quiet arms of grief.

No one is
so accursed by fate, No one so utterly desolate, But some heart, though unknown, Responds unto his own.

And closed
his eyes on his garnished rooms To dream of meadows and clover-blooms.

Tell me not
in mournful numbers, Life is but an empty dream! For the soul is dead that slumbers, And things are not what they seem.

Who the cross
They, the holy ones and weakly, of suffering bore, Folded their pale hands so meekly, Spake with us on earth no more!



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At the loss of loved ones, friends, associates, etc. we reach out to communicate our sympathy. One of the more conventional ways is to send flowers. Floral arrangements expressly delivered to Dowagiac Michigan at this time help those mourning through difficult times. Near or far, local to Dowagiac or worldwide, Dowagiac sympathy arrangements are welcomed. It may help to contact local Dowagiac clergy. Helping someone cope is never easy. Flowers seem to help. If you find yourself in Dowagiac, Michigan and need assistance with nearby Dowagiac educational facilities, researching the net might help.

Funeral homes in Dowagiac, Michigan, MI


Groner Funeral Home

301 Main St

Dowagiac, Michigan 49047

McLauchlin-Clark Funeral Home

405 Center St

Dowagiac, Michigan 49047

Mission Hills Memorial Chapel - Cemetery

61453 M-51 North

Niles, Michigan 49120

(269) 683-8333 , fax (269) 683-8166

North Shore Memory Gardens - Cemetery

5027 M 63 North

Coloma, Michigan 49038

(269) 849-1100 , fax (269) 849-0280

Starks & Menchinger Family - Funeral Home

2650 Niles Rd

Saint Joseph, Michigan 49085

(269) 556-9450 , fax (269) 556-9570

Florin Funeral Service Inc - Funeral Home

2506 Niles Ave

Saint Joseph, Michigan 49085

(616) 983-1514 , fax (616) 983-3425


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