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So huge,
so hopeless to conceive As these that twice befell. Parting is all we know of heaven, And all we need of hell.

And the
proud man sighed, and with a secret pain, "Ah, that I were free again!

has hid the stars; Her level rays, like golden bars, Lie on the landscape green, With shadows brown between.

A golden heart
stopped beating, hard working hands at rest, God broke our hearts to prove he only takes the best.

as if with unseen wings, An angel touched its quivering strings; And whispers, in its song, 35 "Where hast thou stayed so long?"



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At the loss of loved ones, friends, associates, etc. we reach out to communicate our sympathy. One of the more conventional ways is to send flowers. Floral arrangements expressly delivered to Staunton Illinois at this time help those mourning through difficult times. Near or far, local to Staunton or worldwide, Staunton sympathy arrangements are welcomed. It may help to contact local Staunton clergy. Helping someone cope is never easy. Flowers seem to help. If you find yourself in Staunton, Illinois and need assistance with nearby Staunton educational facilities, researching the net might help.

Funeral homes in Staunton, Illinois, IL


Williamson Funeral Home

108 W Henry St

Staunton, Illinois 62088

Meinschein Funeral Home - Funeral Home

PO Box 465

Litchfield, Illinois 62056

(217) 324-3903 , fax (217) 532-3630

Sunset Hill Memorial Estates - Cemetery

2900 S State Rt 157

Edwardsville, Illinois 62025

(618) 656-3220 , fax (618) 656-0609

Forever Valley View Cemetery - Cemetery

1564 Lewis Rd

Edwardsville, Illinois 62025

(618) 656-0920 , fax (618) 655-1610

Rose Lawn Memory Gardens - Cemetery

10 Erwin Plegge Blvd

Bethalto, Illinois 62010

(618) 377-2188 , fax (618) 377-1266


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