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Her wild birds
sing the same sweet stave, Her lights and airs are given Alike to playground and the grave; And over both is Heaven.

No one is
so accursed by fate, No one so utterly desolate, But some heart, though unknown, Responds unto his own.

The mother gave,
in tears and pain, The flowers she most did love: She knew she should find them all again In the fields of light above.

Unharmed from
change to change we glide, We fall as in our dreams; The far-off terror at our side A smiling angel seems.

float ceaselessly toward me, day and night, The sad voice of Death—the call of my nearest lover, putting forth, alarmed, uncertain,



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At the loss of loved ones, friends, associates, etc. we reach out to communicate our sympathy. One of the more conventional ways is to send flowers. Floral arrangements expressly delivered to West Virginia at this time help those mourning through difficult times. Near or far, local to or international, West Virginia sympathy arrangements are welcomed. It may help to contact local clergy. Helping someone cope is never easy. Flowers seem to help. If you find yourself in West Virginia and need assistance with nearby West Virginia educational facilities, researching the net might help.


Find funeral homes in West Virginia

Abraham, WV

Accoville, WV

Ada, WV

Adrian, WV

Advent, WV

Albright, WV

Alderson, WV

Alexander, WV

Algoma, WV

Alkol, WV

Allen Junction, WV

Alloy, WV

Alma, WV

Alum Bridge, WV

Alum Creek, WV

Alvy, WV

Amboy, WV

Ameagle, WV

Amelia, WV

Amherstdale, WV

Amigo, WV

Amma, WV

Anawalt, WV

Anmoore, WV

Ansted, WV

Anthony, WV

Apple Grove, WV

Arbovale, WV

Arbuckle, WV

Arnett, WV

Arnoldsburg, WV

Arthur, WV

Arthurdale, WV

Artie, WV

Asbury, WV

Asco, WV

Ashford, WV

Ashland, WV

Ashton, WV

Athens, WV

Atwell, WV

Auburn, WV

Augusta, WV

Aurora, WV

Auto, WV

Avondale, WV

Baisden, WV

Baker, WV

Bakerton, WV

Bald Knob, WV

Baldwin, WV

Ballard, WV

Ballengee, WV

Bancroft, WV

Bandytown, WV

Barboursville, WV

Barnabus, WV

Barrackville, WV

Barrett, WV

Bartley, WV

Bartow, WV

Baxter, WV

Bayard, WV

Beards Fork, WV

Beaver, WV

Beckley, WV

Beckwith, WV

Beech Bottom, WV

Beeson, WV

Belington, WV

Belle, WV

Belleville, WV

Bellview, WV

Belmont, WV

Belva, WV

Bens Run, WV

Benwood, WV

Berea, WV

Bergoo, WV

Berkeley Springs, WV

Berwind, WV

Bethany, WV

Bethlehem, WV

Beverly, WV

Bickmore, WV

Big Bend, WV

Big Chimney, WV

Big Creek, WV

Big Otter, WV

Big Run, WV

Big Sandy, WV

Big Springs, WV

Bim, WV

Birch River, WV

Blackberry City, WV

Blacksville, WV

Blair, WV

Bloomery, WV

Bloomingrose, WV

Blount, WV

Blue Creek, WV

Blue Jay, WV

Bluefield, WV

Bluewell, WV

Bob White, WV

Boggs, WV

Bolt, WV

Bomont, WV

Boomer, WV

Borderland, WV

Bowden, WV

Bozoo, WV

Bradley, WV

Bradshaw, WV

Bramwell, WV

Branchland, WV

Brandonville, WV

Brandywine, WV

Breeden, WV

Brenton, WV

Bretz, WV

Bridgeport, WV

Bristol, WV

Brohard, WV

Brooks, WV

Brownton, WV

Bruceton Mills, WV

Bruno, WV

Brush Fork, WV

Buckeye, WV

Buckhannon, WV

Bud, WV

Buffalo, WV

Bunker Hill, WV

Burlington, WV

Burnsville, WV

Burnt House, WV

Burnwell, WV

Burton, WV

Cabin Creek, WV

Cabins, WV

Cairo, WV

Caldwell, WV

Calvin, WV

Camden, WV

Camden on Gauley, WV

Cameron, WV

Camp Creek, WV

Canaan Valley, WV

Canebrake, WV

Cannelton, WV

Canvas, WV

Capels, WV

Capon Bridge, WV

Capon Springs, WV

Carbon, WV

Caretta, WV

Carolina, WV

Cascade, WV

Cass, WV

Cassville, WV

Cedar Grove, WV

Cedarville, WV

Center Point, WV

Centralia, WV

Century, WV

Ceredo, WV

Ceres, WV

Chapmanville, WV

Charles Town, WV

Charleston, WV

Charlton Heights, WV

Charmco, WV

Chattaroy, WV

Chauncey, WV

Cheat Lake, WV

Chelyan, WV

Cherry Run, WV

Chester, WV

Chloe, WV

Circleville, WV

Clarksburg, WV

Clay, WV

Clear Creek, WV

Clear Fork, WV

Clem, WV

Clendenin, WV

Cleveland, WV

Clifftop, WV

Clifton, WV

Clintonville, WV

Clio, WV

Clothier, WV

Coal City, WV

Coal Mountain, WV

Coaldale, WV

Coalton, WV

Coalwood, WV

Coburn, WV

Colcord, WV

Colfax, WV

Colliers, WV

Comfort, WV

Cool Ridge, WV

Copen, WV

Cora, WV

Core, WV

Corinne, WV

Corinth, WV

Corley, WV

Corton, WV

Costa, WV

Cottageville, WV

Cottle, WV

Cove Gap, WV

Covel, WV

Cowen, WV

Coxs Mills, WV

Crab Orchard, WV

Craigsville, WV

Cranberry, WV

Crany, WV

Crawford, WV

Crawley, WV

Creston, WV

Crichton, WV

Cross Lanes, WV

Crown, WV

Crown Hill, WV

Crum, WV

Crumpler, WV

Cucumber, WV

Culloden, WV

Cunard, WV

Curtin, WV

Cuzzart, WV

Cyclone, WV

Dailey, WV

Dallas, WV

Danese, WV

Daniels, WV

Danville, WV

Davin, WV

Davis, WV

Davisville, WV

Davy, WV

Dawes, WV

Dawmont, WV

Dawson, WV

Decota, WV

Deep Water, WV

Dehue, WV

Delbarton, WV

Dellslow, WV

Delray, WV

Diamond, WV

Diana, WV

Dille, WV

Dingess, WV

Dixie, WV

Dorcas, WV

Dorothy, WV

Dothan, WV

Dott, WV

Drennen, WV

Droop, WV

Dry Creek, WV

Drybranch, WV

Dryfork, WV

Duck, WV

Duhring, WV

Dunbar, WV

Duncan, WV

Dunlow, WV

Dunmore, WV

Durbin, WV

Earling, WV

East Bank, WV

East Beckley, WV

East Gulf, WV

East Lynn, WV

Eastpointe, WV

Eccles, WV

Eckman, WV

Edgarton, WV

Edmond, WV

Eglon, WV

Elbert, WV

Eleanor, WV

Elgood, WV

Elizabeth, WV

Elk Garden, WV

Elkhorn, WV

Elkins, WV

Elkview, WV

Ellamore, WV

Ellenboro, WV

Elm Grove, WV

Elmira, WV

Elton, WV

Emmett, WV

Enterprise, WV

Erbacon, WV

Eskdale, WV

Ethel, WV

Eureka, WV

Evans, WV

Exchange, WV

Fairdale, WV

Fairlea, WV

Fairmont, WV

Fairview, WV

Falling Rock, WV

Falling Waters, WV

Falls Mill, WV

Fanrock, WV

Farmington, WV

Fayetteville, WV

Fenwick, WV

Ferrellsburg, WV

Filbert, WV

Fisher, WV

Five Forks, WV

Flat Top, WV

Flatwoods, WV

Flemington, WV

Floe, WV

Flower, WV

Fola, WV

Follansbee, WV

Folsom, WV

Forest Hill, WV

Forrester Center, WV

Fort Ashby, WV

Fort Gay, WV

Fort Neal, WV

Fort Seybert, WV

Fort Spring, WV

Foster, WV

Four States, WV

Frame, WV

Frametown, WV

Frankford, WV

Franklin, WV

Fraziers Bottom, WV

Freeman, WV

French Creek, WV

Frenchton, WV

Friars Hill, WV

Friendly, WV

Gallagher, WV

Gallipolis Ferry, WV

Galloway, WV

Gandeeville, WV

Gap Mills, WV

Garland, WV

Garrison, WV

Gary, WV

Gassaway, WV

Gatewood, WV

Gauley Bridge, WV

Gauley Mills, WV

Gay, WV

Gem, WV

Genoa, WV

Gerrardstown, WV

Ghent, WV

Giatto, WV

Gilbert, WV

Gilboa, WV

Gilliam, WV

Given, WV

Glace, WV

Glady, WV

Glasgow, WV

Glen, WV

Glen Dale, WV

Glen Daniel, WV

Glen Easton, WV

Glen Ferris, WV

Glen Fork, WV

Glen Jean, WV

Glen Morgan, WV

Glen Rogers, WV

Glen White, WV

Glendon, WV

Glengary, WV

Glenville, WV

Glenwood, WV

Gordon, WV

Gormania, WV

Grafton, WV

Grant Town, WV

Grantsville, WV

Granville, WV

Grassy Meadows, WV

Great Cacapon, WV

Green Bank, WV

Green Spring, WV

Green Sulphur Springs, WV

Green Valley, WV

Greenville, WV

Greenwood, WV

Griffithsville, WV

Gypsy, WV

Hacker Valley, WV

Halltown, WV

Hambleton, WV

Hamlin, WV

Hancock, WV

Handley, WV

Hanover, WV

Hansford, WV

Harman, WV

Harmony, WV

Harper, WV

Harpers Ferry, WV

Harrison, WV

Harrisville, WV

Hartford, WV

Harts, WV

Harvey, WV

Hastings, WV

Hatcher, WV

Haywood, WV

Hazelgreen, WV

Heaters, WV

Hedgesville, WV

Helen, WV

Helvetia, WV

Hemphill, WV

Henderson, WV

Hendricks, WV

Henlawson, WV

Hensley, WV

Hepzibah, WV

Herndon, WV

Hernshaw, WV

Herold, WV

Hewett, WV

Hiawatha, WV

Hico, WV

High View, WV

Highland, WV

Hillsboro, WV

Hilltop, WV

Hines, WV

Hinton, WV

Hodgesville, WV

Holden, WV

Hometown, WV

Hopemont, WV

Horner, WV

Horse Shoe Run, WV

Hugheston, WV

Hundred, WV

Hunt, WV

Huntington, WV

Hurricane, WV

Huttonsville, WV

Iaeger, WV

Idamay, WV

Ikes Fork, WV

Independence, WV

Indian Mills, WV

Indore, WV

Institute, WV

Inwood, WV

Ireland, WV

Isaban, WV

Itmann, WV

Ivydale, WV

Jacksonburg, WV

Jane Lew, WV

Jefferson, WV

Jeffrey, WV

Jenkinjones, WV

Jesse, WV

Job, WV

Jodie, WV

Jolo, WV

Jonben, WV

Jones Springs, WV

Jordan, WV

Josephine, WV

Julian, WV

Jumping Branch, WV

Junction, WV

Junior, WV

Justice, WV

Kanawha City, WV

Kanawha Falls, WV

Kanawha Head, WV

Kasson, WV

Kayford, WV

Kearneysville, WV

Kegley, WV

Kellysville, WV

Kenna, WV

Kenova, WV

Kentuck, WV

Kerens, WV

Kermit, WV

Keslers Cross Lanes, WV

Kessler, WV

Keyser, WV

Keystone, WV

Kiahsville, WV

Kieffer, WV

Kilsyth, WV

Kimball, WV

Kimberly, WV

Kincaid, WV

Kingmont, WV

Kingston, WV

Kingwood, WV

Kirby, WV

Kistler, WV

Knob Fork, WV

Kopperston, WV

Kyle, WV

Lahmansville, WV

Lake, WV

Lakin, WV

Lanark, WV

Landes Station, WV

Landville, WV

Lanham, WV

Lansing, WV

Lashmeet, WV

Lavalette, WV

Lawton, WV

Layland, WV

Le Roy, WV

Leckie, WV

Leet, WV

Leewood, WV

Left Hand, WV

Lehew, WV

Leivasy, WV

Lenore, WV

Leon, WV

Lerona, WV

Lesage, WV

Leslie, WV

Lester, WV

Letart, WV

Letter Gap, WV

Levels, WV

Lewisburg, WV

Liberty, WV

Lillydale, WV

Lima, WV

Linden, WV

Lindside, WV

Linn, WV

Little Birch, WV

Little Falls, WV

Littlesburg, WV

Littleton, WV

Liverpool, WV

Lizemores, WV

Lobata, WV

Lochgelly, WV

Lockbridge, WV

Lockney, WV

Logan, WV

London, WV

Longacre, WV

Lookout, WV

Looneyville, WV

Lorado, WV

Lorentz, WV

Lorton Lick, WV

Lost City, WV

Lost Creek, WV

Lost River, WV

Lumberport, WV

Lundale, WV

Lyburn, WV

Lynco, WV

Maben, WV

Mabie, WV

Mabscott, WV

MacArthur, WV

Macfarlan, WV

Madison, WV

Mahan, WV

Mahone, WV

Maidsville, WV

Maitland, WV

Malden, WV

Mallory, WV

Mammoth, WV

Man, WV

Manheim, WV

Mannington, WV

Maplewood, WV

Marfrance, WV

Marianna, WV

Marlinton, WV

Marmet, WV

Martinsburg, WV

Mason, WV

Masontown, WV

Matewan, WV

Matheny, WV

Mathias, WV

Matoaka, WV

Maxwelton, WV

Maybeury, WV

Maysel, WV

Maysville, WV

Mc Comas, WV

Mc Connell, WV

Mc Dowell, WV

Mc Graws, WV

McAlpin, WV

McGraws, WV

McMechen, WV

McWhorter, WV

Mead, WV

Meador, WV

Meadow Bluff, WV

Meadow Bridge, WV

Meadow Creek, WV

Meadowbrook, WV

Medley, WV

Metz, WV

Miami, WV

Middlebourne, WV

Middleway, WV

Midkiff, WV

Midway, WV

Milam, WV

Mill Creek, WV

Mill Point, WV

Millstone, WV

Millville, WV

Millwood, WV

Milton, WV

Minden, WV

Mineral Wells, WV

Mingo, WV

Minnehaha, WV

Minnehaha Springs, WV

Minnora, WV

Moatsville, WV

Mohawk, WV

Monaville, WV

Monongah, WV

Montana Mines, WV

Montcalm, WV

Montcoal, WV

Monterville, WV

Montgomery, WV

Montrose, WV

Moorefield, WV

Morgantown, WV

Morrisvale, WV

Moundsville, WV

Mount Alto, WV

Mount Carbon, WV

Mount Clare, WV

Mount Gay, WV

Mount Hope, WV

Mount Lookout, WV

Mount Nebo, WV

Mount Olive, WV

Mount Storm, WV

Mount Zion, WV

Moyers, WV

Mozart, WV

Mullens, WV

Munday, WV

Murraysville, WV

Myra, WV

Myrtle, WV


Nallen, WV

Naoma, WV

Napier, WV

Naugatuck, WV

Nebo, WV

Nellis, WV

Nemours, WV

Neola, WV

Nettie, WV

New Creek, WV

New Cumberland, WV

New England, WV

New Haven, WV

New Manchester, WV

New Martinsville, WV

New Milton, WV

New Richmond, WV

New York, WV

Newberne, WV

Newburg, WV

Newell, WV

Newhall, WV

Newton, WV

Newtown, WV

Newville, WV

Nicut, WV

Nimitz, WV

Nitro, WV

Nobe, WV

Nolan, WV

Normantown, WV

North Matewan, WV

North Parkersburg, WV

North Spring, WV

Northfork, WV

Norton, WV

Nutter Fort, WV

Oak Hill, WV

Oakvale, WV

Oceana, WV

Odd, WV

Ohley, WV

Old Fields, WV

Omar, WV

Ona, WV

Onego, WV

Orgas, WV

Orlando, WV

Orma, WV

Osage, WV

Ottawa, WV

Ovapa, WV

Overbrook, WV

Packsville, WV

Paden City, WV

Page, WV

Pageton, WV

Palermo, WV

Palestine, WV

Panther, WV

Parcoal, WV

Parkersburg, WV

Parsons, WV

Patterson Creek, WV

Paw Paw, WV

Pax, WV

Paynesville, WV

Peach Creek, WV

Pecks Mill, WV

Pemberton, WV

Pence Springs, WV

Pennsboro, WV

Pentress, WV

Perkins, WV

Petersburg, WV

Peterstown, WV

Petroleum, WV

Peytona, WV

Philippi, WV

Pickaway, WV

Pickens, WV

Piedmont, WV

Pierpont, WV

Pigeon, WV

Pinch, WV

Pine Grove, WV

Pineville, WV

Piney View, WV

Pipestem, WV

Pleasant Valley, WV

Pliny, WV

Poca, WV

Poe, WV

Point Pleasant, WV

Points, WV

Pond Gap, WV

Pool, WV

Porters Falls, WV

Powellton, WV

Pratt, WV

Premier, WV

Prenter, WV

Prichard, WV

Prince, WV

Princeton, WV

Princewick, WV

Procious, WV

Proctor, WV

Prosperity, WV

Pullman, WV

Purgitsville, WV

Pursglove, WV

Quick, WV

Quincy, WV

Quinwood, WV

Rachel, WV

Racine, WV

Radnor, WV

Ragland, WV

Rainelle, WV

Raleigh, WV

Ramage, WV

Ramsey, WV

Ranger, WV

Ranson, WV

Ravencliff, WV

Ravenswood, WV

Rawl, WV

Raysal, WV

Reader, WV

Red Creek, WV

Red House, WV

Red Jacket, WV

Redstar, WV

Reedsville, WV

Reedy, WV

Renick, WV

Replete, WV

Reynoldsville, WV

Rhodell, WV

Richwood, WV

Ridgeley, WV

Ridgeview, WV

Ridgeway, WV

Riffle, WV

Rig, WV

Rio, WV

Ripley, WV

Rippon, WV

Riverton, WV

Rivesville, WV

Roanoke, WV

Robertsburg, WV

Robinette, WV

Robson, WV

Rock, WV

Rock Castle, WV

Rock Cave, WV

Rock Creek, WV

Rock View, WV

Rocket Center, WV

Rockport, WV

Roderfield, WV

Rollins Branch, WV

Romance, WV

Romney, WV

Ronceverte, WV

Rosedale, WV

Rosemont, WV

Rossmore, WV

Rowlesburg, WV

Runa, WV

Rupert, WV

Russelville, WV

Sabine, WV

Sabraton, WV

Saint Albans, WV

Saint George, WV

Saint Marys, WV

Salem, WV

Salt Rock, WV

Sand Fork, WV

Sand Ridge, WV

Sandlick, WV

Sandstone, WV

Sandyville, WV

Sarah Ann, WV

Sarton, WV

Saulsville, WV

Saxon, WV

Scarbro, WV

Scherr, WV

Scott Depot, WV

Secondcreek, WV

Seebert, WV

Selbyville, WV

Seneca Rocks, WV

Seth, WV

Shady Spring, WV

Shanks, WV

Sharples, WV

Shenandoah Junction, WV

Shepherdstown, WV

Sherman, WV

Shinnston, WV

Shirley, WV

Shively, WV

Shoals, WV

Shock, WV

Short Creek, WV

Short Gap, WV

Shrewsbury, WV

Sias, WV

Simon, WV

Simpson, WV

Sinks Grove, WV

Sissonville, WV

Sistersville, WV

Skelton, WV

Slab Fork, WV

Slanesville, WV

Slatyfork, WV

Smithburg, WV

Smithers, WV

Smithfield, WV

Smithville, WV

Smoot, WV

Snowshoe, WV

Sod, WV

Sophia, WV

South Charleston, WV

Southside, WV

Spanishburg, WV

Spelter, WV

Spencer, WV

Sprague, WV

Sprigg, WV

Spring Dale, WV

Spring Hill, WV

Springfield, WV

Spurlockville, WV

Squire, WV

Stanaford, WV

Star City, WV

Statts Mills, WV

Steeles, WV

Stephenson, WV

Stickney, WV

Stollings, WV

Stonewood, WV

Stony Bottom, WV

Stouts Mills, WV

Strange Creek, WV

Streeter, WV

Stumptown, WV

Sugar Grove, WV

Sullivan, WV

Sumerco, WV

Summerlee, WV

Summersville, WV

Summit Point, WV

Sundial, WV

Superior, WV

Surveyor, WV

Sutton, WV

Sweet Springs, WV

Sweetland, WV

Swiss, WV

Switchback, WV

Switzer, WV

Sylvester, WV

Tad, WV

Talcott, WV

Tallmansville, WV

Tams, WV

Tanner, WV

Taplin, WV

Tariff, WV

Teays, WV

Tennerton, WV

Terra Alta, WV

Terry, WV

Tesla, WV

Thacker, WV

Thomas, WV

Thornton, WV

Thorpe, WV

Three Churches, WV

Thurmond, WV

Tioga, WV

Toll Gate, WV

Toneyfork, WV

Tornado, WV

Tourison, WV

Triadelphia, WV

Trout, WV

Troy, WV


Tunnelton, WV

Turtle Creek, WV

Twilight, WV

Uler, WV

Uneeda, WV

Unger, WV

Union, WV

Upper Tract, WV

Upperglade, WV

Vadis, WV

Valley Bend, WV

Valley Chapel, WV

Valley Fork, WV

Valley Grove, WV

Valley Head, WV

Vallscreek, WV

Van, WV

Varney, WV

Verdunville, WV

Verner, WV

Victor, WV

Vienna, WV

Vivian, WV

Volga, WV

Vulcan, WV

Wadestown, WV

Waiteville, WV

Walker, WV

Walkersville, WV

Wallace, WV

Wallback, WV

Walton, WV

Wana, WV

War, WV

Wardensville, WV

Warriormine, WV

Warwood, WV

Washington, WV

Waverly, WV

Wayne, WV

Wayside, WV

Webster Springs, WV

Weirton, WV

Welch, WV

Wellsburg, WV

Wendel, WV

West Columbia, WV

West Hamlin, WV

West Liberty, WV

West Logan, WV

West Milford, WV

West Union, WV

Weston, WV

Westover, WV

Wharncliffe, WV

Wharton, WV

Wheeling, WV

Whitby, WV

White Hall, WV

White Oak, WV

White Sulphur Springs, WV

Whitesville, WV

Whitman, WV

Whitmer, WV

Whittaker, WV

Wick, WV

Widen, WV

Wilbur, WV

Wilcoe, WV

Wildcat, WV

Wiley Ford, WV

Wileyville, WV

Wilkinson, WV

Williams Mountain, WV

Williamsburg, WV

Williamson, WV

Williamstown, WV

Willow Bend, WV

Willow Island, WV

Wilsie, WV

Wilson, WV

Wilsonburg, WV

Wilsondale, WV

Winding Gulf, WV

Windsor Heights, WV

Winfield, WV

Winifrede, WV

Winona, WV

Wolf Pen, WV

Wolf Summit, WV

Wolfcreek, WV

Wolfe, WV

Woodville, WV

Worth, WV

Worthington, WV

Wyatt, WV

Wyco, WV

Wymer, WV

Wyoming, WV

Yawkey, WV

Yellow Spring, WV

Yolyn, WV

Yukon, WV

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