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SPIRIT whose
work is done! spirit of dreadful hours! Ere, departing, fade from my eyes your forests of bayonets;

It slept beneath
It knew the glow of eventide, The sunrise and the noon, And glorified and sanctified the moon.

one I love, I fill myself with rage, for fear I effuse unreturn’d love; But now I think there is no unreturn’d love—the pay is certain, one way or another;

Life is real!
life is earnest! And the grave is not its goal; Dust thou art, to dust returnest, Was not spoken of the soul

Work without
Hope draws nectar in a sieve, And Hope without an object cannot live.



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At the loss of loved ones, friends, associates, etc. we reach out to communicate our sympathy. One of the more conventional ways is to send flowers. Floral arrangements expressly delivered to War West Virginia at this time help those mourning through difficult times. Near or far, local to War or worldwide, War sympathy arrangements are welcomed. It may help to contact local War clergy. Helping someone cope is never easy. Flowers seem to help. If you find yourself in War, West Virginia and need assistance with nearby War educational facilities, researching the net might help.

Funeral homes in War, West Virginia, WV


Palm Memorial Gardens - Cemetery

PO Box 216

Matheny, West Virginia 24860

(304) 882-5677 , fax (304) 682-5681

Tankersley Funeral Home - Funeral Home

102 Moran Ave

Mullens, West Virginia 25882

(304) 294-7272 , fax (304) 294-7275

Woodlawn Memorial Park - Cemetery

PO Box 3376

Bluewell, West Virginia 24701

(304) 589-3451 , fax (304) 589-7889

Restlawn Memorial Gardens - Cemetery

Rt 20 PO Box 3372

Bluefield, West Virginia 24701

(304) 589-3371 , fax (304) 589-7713


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